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Old 17-09-2016, 01:18
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Originally Posted by Adam Manic View Post
Thank you Gabo86 for this amazing list!!!

I've realised I have 151 out of the 154 from your list so I need to try and grab the remaining 3.

I've not heard or seen Kodawari, any ideas where I can find this? I don't see it on youtube! (whereas Anti Social Manifesto is)

Kodawari and Antisocialmanifesto were both released as downloadable 'b-sides' with the Futurology single release (after initally only being available as bonus tracks on the Japanese release of the album). If you're in the Uk (I'm guessing you are...?) you can buy them online fairly easily from a variety of the usual places such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, 7Digital (available in 320kbps AAC), Qobuz... (Available in CD quality for a higher price than the lossy stores).
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Old 18-09-2016, 11:21
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B Sides

Great thread; I am a massive b side fan also and have almost every original non-album b side bar the covers and remixes.

I honestly find the b side albums as good in some cases as the parent album. One of my favourites is the 15 track Postcards B-Sides album on my ipod; some bloody amazing tracks on it. The 12 B-Sides from RTF/Futurology is top class also. Litany (title of the Lifeblood era 12-track B-Sides album on the pod) came complete with the 2 disc Japanese version and I love it.

Half of their albums have album length B-Side collection; 10 tracks or more; and the other half have at least 5 or 6 tracks apiece, so quite a large alternate history there for this band. As an example, for a band making their 11th and 12th studio album with RTF and Futurology, complete with all b-sides they released 37 songs in total - and the fact that almost all are worthy and many are of top quality is an incredible feat in itself. Green Day by comparison, mentioned as they released the exact same number, 37, in 2013/2014, illustrates how top tier, musically,the Manics era was even 25 years into a career.
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Old 05-04-2018, 12:58
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Ok, so Resistance Is Futile is coming out, and this begs the question: where are the b-sides?
I know that nowadays phisical singles are no more, but also with RTF and Futurology there were some we only have 2 bonus tracks with the deluxe version and other 2 tracks with the Japanese one.
Are they in a kind of creative block? (I mean, 16 tracks after 4 years, for Manics' standard, it's something like that - I'm half joking, of course)
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