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Old 07-03-2019, 20:18
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Originally Posted by theplague View Post
If she/someone has a history of critizing Jews as evil generally then You have a valid point even if it’s not presented the latter way.
Does SHR have that?
I agree with you, but in terms of SHR, I have no clue about her beyond the fact that she's a known shit-disturber on MSP related sites and social media. I wouldn't like to comment beyond what I know. That being said, others have mentioned they saw some pretty questionable comments about wealthy Jews having a hand in their own demise on her FB page (Self-hating Jewish academics like Norman Finklestein have been peddling that nonsense for years and I can totally see people using that argument and prefacing it with, "a Jew said this so it can't be antisemitic!"), but I can't speak to that personally. Honestly, I'm fairly certain she's been reading these pages and she's probably getting off on people talking about her in any capacity so I've decided to just stick to what's contained in the book rather than giving this wanna-be provocateur any satisfaction.

Originally Posted by Velocitygirl View Post
I've never had a solid stance on what became of Richey. I just don't know. I can't even say what theory I favour more. Again, I just don't know. But, since this discussion began, I've found myself wondering more and more about the two weeks he seemed to have spent just driving around and living in his car. You could say he was just revisiting old haunts he loved. But two weeks for that? In a country the size of Wales? It'd take a day or two, at most. As someone said earlier, it seems like he was waiting for something. A one-year passport could well have been it.
Yeah, I've never ventured a guess as to what happened to him either beyond the fact that I've always believed he staged his disappearance (I think most people familiar with the story believe that too) and I have my doubts that he jumped off the Severn bridge. Beyond that though, I can't say either way. I'd like to believe he's alive somewhere living his best life even if that means he's selfishly put his family through hell, but it's also a very real possibility that he's dead.

Regarding the driving around, I agree that he wasn't just visiting old haunts. IMO, he was either waiting around for something/someone or it was his attempt at disappearing, but he couldn't get it together so rather than going back to a life he hated, he took his own life instead.

Originally Posted by raven View Post
Also, turns out Rob Stringer isn't Jewish so just gets more bizarre but that's Chinese Whispers I guess. What's pretty ironic is that the 'source' might have been the fact that he received an award from the UJA Federation at which tongue in cheek jokes were made by a few people including the man himself and his daughters about the fact he wasn't one of the tribe, Someone saw UJA and put 2 and 2 together and made 5 (What? In-depth research there? No, just a quick Google, ha)
Well, there you go! Thanks for setting the record straight!

Originally Posted by raven View Post
In the Wales Online piece SHR says that Novel With Cocaine was left in the box for Jo as has been said before but whether it was of significance or just a parting gift is open to interpretation or at least not clear. So it doesn't sound like he did leave instructions.....I personally can't see any reason to give any credence to the Vivian story. If Nicky is supposed to be the source how was he supposed to know if he wasn't there? And it just seems ridiculous and with its implication that the band are keeping secrets spiteful. Why has it taken all these years before his sister we assume or SHR tried to trace her and when she did try aside from some remembered very brief mention by Nicky allegedly years ago there's no other evidence of her existence. It's tantalising.....but it's insubstantial
Yes, you're right! That book was apparently in the box. It was actually some of the videos he left - can't remember which one(s) exactly - that were not included in the list in the book. I find it interesting though that Jo wouldn't let the authors look at the box (this was discussed earlier in the thread) and it's contents as well as refusing to go on record now. It's been stated that she wanted to keep her memories of Richey to herself, but if that's the case, why allow them to quote her at all? I suspect that she either doesn't remember much of that period anymore or she doesn't hold the same views of him and his situation as she did then.

If Nicky said she was there that evening then presumably James saw her with Richey and told the others (that's the only logical explanation why Nicky would know this beyond the woman herself reaching out to Nicky which I doubt happened). I'm not sure what specifically is mentioned in this book about this woman, but if this information was passed on to other people, why wasn't it investigated at the time? There seems to be a lot of info surfacing 24 years later and you can't help but wonder why weren't any of these things followed up at the time and not just by the authorities?

Originally Posted by River Boy View Post
Can't believe that, like everything else, even the mystery of a missing Manic Street Preacher has turned into a debate about anti-semitism.

We've lost our collective minds.
Possibly! lol! I don't really see what the big deal is though. Antisemitism is absolutely on the rise again so understandably a lot of people are hyper sensitive to anything that might have antisemitic undertones. I suspect in this case though, the dislike for a certain individual has clouded some judgments.

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