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Old 10-10-2020, 22:22
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Yeah I’ve got to be in the mood to listen to GATS but I’m really enjoying it again since the re-release. Demos are great.

Hopefully when they can tour again they’ll play a few (rare) songs as a nod to it. Wait all these years for the re-release and fucking COVID happens.
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Old 15-10-2020, 17:12
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I saw it in a HMV the other day and they were selling it for £64.99!!! It's bigger than I thought, though. Looks really nice, but not worth that much. Will wait until it's about half that before I get it.
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Old 15-10-2020, 17:13
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Originally Posted by everlasting View Post
I saw it in a HMV the other day and they were selling it for £64.99!!! It's bigger than I thought, though. Looks really nice, but not worth that much. Will wait until it's about half that before I get it.
£40 on amazon

Gold Against The Soul (Remastered)
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Old 04-12-2020, 20:15
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Originally Posted by someone, somewhere, soon View Post
that version of What's My Name: notes in the back of the book say it was recorded in Cambridge, USA in 1993?

James definitely namechecks Norwich mid-song - so I'm assuming it's from the same Norwich UAE gig (21/10/92) as the Slash 'n' Burn on the La Tristesse b-side? And they've put that version on the re-release accidentally, rather than the version recorded in the UK Cambridge on 20/10/92, that was also on the La Tristesse single?
Just realised this myself and came straight here to check if anyone else had noticed (haven't been keeping up here for a while).

I feel like your comment didn't get the attention it deserved - despite being almost identical it's a big deal to me that there's now a second officially released live version of the song! (Maybe there's a whole separate thread on this and I missed it, apologies to everyone in that case!)

Stuff like this frustrates me so much - as with the live version of Yourself - reminding me they have all these great live recordings and aren't sharing.
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Old 29-03-2021, 19:30
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Roses In The Hospital
Are Mother's Saints
La Tristessa Duera (Scream To A Sigh)
Nostalgic Pushead
From Despair To Where
Life Becoming A Landslide
Comfort Comes
Drug Drug Druggy
Us Against You
Gold Against The Soul
Symphony of Tourette
Patrick Bateman

Playlist I've made, excluding covers and remixes. I did mean to post it in this thread, but you know how things have been.
I love how the album now starts Baggy then gets heavier. Or have I tampered with forces I don't understand?
You at least get an acousticish section with Hibernation and Life Becoming A Landslide.
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