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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
That would be bad enough but in this case all the acts are standing behind Jools in the editing room and he makes some pun about making a note which is the cue for all the guests to do a harmony - except Nicky!

Originally Posted by hummingbird View Post
Nicky looking grumpy on jools I thought was a very good sid vicious impersonation...Or a very bad Elvis one
I thought he was doing a Sid.

Porco - you've triggered a migraine. Am I prone to them? I've never had one before.
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Originally Posted by raven View Post
Porco - you've triggered a migraine. Am I prone to them? I've never had one before.
Many purple apologies! Apurpolgies?
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It all looks so cheap to me.
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It looks a bit like dividing lines, exit signs and tattered manifestos
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Hearing Nicky say he couldn't be bothered with the music for this album is a bit disheartening. I know his mum hasn't been well, and do feel for him after dealing with similar last year. But even at the end of Futurology he seemed quite dispondent about the band. James is more than capable of picking up the slack which kind of explains why this album is the closest MSP have come to reproducing the sound of the great western. However this isn't a band firing on all cylinders and it's unfair for James and Sean.

I'm beginning to think we're in for a prolonged break soon where James and Sean pursue their own projects while Nicky takes more poloroids or something...

Hopefully I'm wrong.

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Nicky sounding quite despondent about the band is Business as Usual
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