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Originally Posted by IntlDebris View Post
I'd split it:
Richey era: GT/GATS/THB
Commercial rise and fall (aka Farrow design era): EMG/TIMT/KYE/L
'Re-energised' / revisiting older sounds: SATT/JFPL/PFAYM
New territories: RTF/F/RIF
Agree on the first two eras, but consider SATT and all that followed to be one era rather than two. That said, there are very different albums within those different eras. For example, GT going into Theme from MASH and GATS fit quite well together, but then THB is completely different. Similar with EMG and TMIT, but then a very different sound in parts of KYE. SATT and PFAYM fit quite well together in terms of sound, but JFPL in between them is a different sounding record altogether.
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