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Old 22-10-2018, 09:44
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31/05/19 Leicester De Montford Hall

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Old 23-10-2018, 10:25
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Im thinking of going to this as I cant make the Birmingham date. Anyone been before, whats the venue like, whats parking like ect?
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Old 24-10-2018, 08:19
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It's a great venue with good visibility where ever you are & usually good sound. Parking less than 100m away & a few side streets as well but for around £2 you can buy a parking slot in their own car park. It probably holds less than 100 cars so you'd need to buy this directly from their box office well in advance. I've got my pre-sale tickets so I'm going to call them later today to try.
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Old 24-10-2018, 11:07
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Brilliant! Thanks for the reply!
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Old 25-10-2018, 07:34
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its a great venue. Parking has always been fine but ive usually booked in their car park too
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Old 01-06-2019, 14:27
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What a great gig! Loved the venue. Gwenno was supurb, and the Manic just blew me away! JDB in fine voice throughout. Be natural, SYMM, Black dog, all sounded fantastic. Just proves they should have had more faith in some of their slightly odder material over the years.
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Old 01-06-2019, 19:47
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So here we are, last night of the tour! Well, apart from Cardiff Castle obviously. I liked this venue on the Futurology-but-not-Futurology tour, so was happy to come back again this time. Very organised entry when doors opened and the sound was probably the best of the whole tour out of the dates I did.

I was a bit disappointed but not surprised they didn’t change the setlist over the last few dates, but hey ho. I would be happy for Prologue to History to make appearances in their setlists beyond this tour. It certainly packs a punch live and in sold out venues like the ones they’ve done on this tour, they’re going to be playing to mostly big fans anyway, so they shouldn’t be afraid to step outside the lines more often. James even thanked the crowd for coming to see them again and again at the end of this gig, so they know they’ve got an established and dedicated fan base rather than trying to win over lots of casuals at this stage of their career.

I did enjoy Nicky saying that when they were writing Truth, James had been nagging him for more lyrics all the time, so when he wrote Prologue to History, he thought “I’ll show him, the little fucker” (or words to that effect) and didn’t expect him to be able to write a song with all those lyrics

One thing I’ve thought has been slightly odd about this tour is they’ve barely thanked Gwenno. I think maybe at one or two dates James may have thanked her, but certainly not at every gig. In all my gig going experience over the last 16/17 years, it’s pretty standard and polite practice to thank the support act, but there we are! Maybe their memories are going in old age For what it’s worth, I’ve really enjoyed Gwenno and think I will investigate her albums.

So overall I have enjoyed this tour and it’s been great to hear Truth in full (minus Nobody Loved You though...*sniffs*), plus the venues have been a vast improvement on the soulless arena tour of last year. Think I may be tempted to scale back the number of gigs I do next time though (although I have said that before to no avail ) and just make sure I always go to any Manchester dates, as those ones were yet again head and shoulders above the rest on this tour for me.
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Old 01-06-2019, 20:29
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I'll have to add this one to my list as I always hear good things. I'm sorry I missed Manchester but York and Liverpool were great and it was good to see them somewhere new.

Every tour I always mean to just do the London dates but can't help myself
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