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LA ex 03-10-2021 07:56

7/10/21 - Leeds Academy

Useless 05-10-2021 22:01

Yep yep yep

theraven1979 07-10-2021 09:34


mr bowlase 07-10-2021 19:33

I’m here

LA ex 07-10-2021 19:37

One thing I forgot during lock down is how the Leeds Academy always feels absolutely rammed when it's anywhere near capacity, far more so then other venues.

FacelessSenseOfVoid 07-10-2021 21:00

Was meant to go - couldn't. Couldn't shift my tickets so I'm pissed off tonight!

Routine Builder 07-10-2021 21:35


Routine Builder 07-10-2021 22:03

Apparently La Tristesse Durera in the acoustic slot. Nice..

SBazB 07-10-2021 22:19

Yes, La Tritesse Durera was the acoustic one tonight, although James originally intended to play Masses Against the Classes. He started playing the chords from the verse and mixing it up with the high notes from the start of Faster, calling it a mash up! The crowd were very vocal shouting out requests and James messed up the start of the lyrics and stopped. The crowd convinced him to play La Tristesse and he said he'd need help with the lyrics. It was unrehearsed but really got the crowd going, cheering him on as he tried to remember the guitar solo! Nicky praised him afterwards for pulling it off and when James got his electric guitar back before the start of Sweet Child of Mine he played part of the solo again, joking that he could remember it now.


VCK 07-10-2021 22:25

Thought the atmosphere was a bit flat in the first half tonight, like it was at the arena three years ago. They came on, went into Motorcycle Emptiness, and I felt like I was the only one where I was singing along! I get that Manics gigs tend to draw slightly older crowds nowadays, but you'd think they'd show a bit more life when they're playing the likes of ME and Tolerate.

However, that La Tristesse Durera acoustic version seemed to give the crowd a bit of a kick up the arse and the set ended brilliantly. I wasn't sure about the idea of them including Sweet Child O' Mine in favour of a classic like Motown Junk or Faster but they knocked that one out of the park.

Band were tight as always, and I'm glad to see them in Leeds not playing the arena for once!

LA ex 07-10-2021 22:46

... and No Surface All Feeling was back in (where Little Baby Nothing was last gig).

mr bowlase 07-10-2021 23:12


Originally Posted by LA ex (Post 2691313)
... and No Surface All Feeling was back in (where Little Baby Nothing was last gig).

…with full outro solo. Always appreciated

JimmiB 08-10-2021 07:17

Thought they were great last night. Really good, enjoyed it more than Halifax last month, and a very good set list (although I'd love to see something from Futurology or Rewind The Film in there). Think Slash n Burn was my highlight, and Spectators of Suicide was fab, first time I'd seen that since the Festival Hall (2008?). I agree that the crowd were a bit flat at times, but I'm having to get used to that, the gigs aren't as raucous as they used to be.

Wish I had done / was doing another gig on top of London. Love this band. To think the band I fell in love with at 16 years old is still going, still releasing albums, and have never done the fabled 'split up and reunite' like most of their contemporaries. Brilliant.

Oh and one other thing. Got a good position just to thy right of James, and for once I could actually watch Sean.

theraven1979 08-10-2021 07:33

I rather enjoyed that. Wish they ditch Sweet Child and also stop encouraging people to clap your hands. SOS (Spectators not the Abba song although that I'd like to hear!) was great. Good to see that they've refreshed the set list.

Low Hummer were rather good fun also - they seemed to have improved live since Halifax.

mishima 08-10-2021 08:13

Enjoyed it immensely. Stay Beautiful was supposed to be the acoustic track according to the set list.

After decades of waiting, I finally got a Manics make-up bag to store my Manics compact in:cool:

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