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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Oh no, sorry to read that. I feel your pain, the only time i had a chance to watch them in glasgow they had to cancel the very day i was travelling up there (6+ hours) because james was ill and i wasn't very well myself. Least you didn't make the entire trip.
Thanks. It's fine, I made the choice, I can live with it. Was that the Lifeblood tour? Finding out that gig was cancelled hours after I arrived in Glasgow still haunts me.

Originally Posted by Routine Builder View Post
1. "1985"
2. "The Love of Richard Nixon"
3. "Empty Souls"
4. "A Song for Departure"
5. "I Live to Fall Asleep"
6. "To Repel Ghosts"
7. "Emily"
8. "Glasnost"
9. "Always/Never"
10. "Solitude Sometimes Is"
11. "Fragments"
12. "Cardiff Afterlife"
13. "The Soulmates"
14. "Antarctic"
15. "Patrick Bateman" (20 minute version with James repeatedly screaming "I fucked god up the ass" for 15 straight minutes)
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