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Originally Posted by Oldland Manic View Post
This, and your blog, is brilliant, SS. Brought every single moment of last Friday back to life for me on a night when I really just needed it. I nearly cried during "Sapporo", not ashamed to admit it as a middle aged man, but the last 18-21 months have been hard to cope with. Not because I've lost anyone from the virus & not because I've even had the virus. But because the related stuff has changed me as a person and not for the better.

For three hours last Friday night, I could forget about the outside world and just enjoy two fabulous bands. The two hour drive home diluted it and subsequently, I've lost a lot of that feel good feeling. But from now on, I can look at your vid and it will bring it home to me once more.

Thank you x
This makes me so happy. Thank you!
I think Wembley was that kind of gig for a lot of us. It definitely was for me.
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