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Originally Posted by rosetree View Post
I enjoy listening to Nicky Wire's voice. Like Richey's he sounds intelligent. I like his album and when he sings certain lines. He also sung No Feelings live. I think he said James couldn't do that. So just his beautiful self.
I like Nicky's voice too. It's warm and kinda soft (in an emotional way). I think I said it before, but I have to say it again: whereas James' voice fills me with euphoric energy, Nicky sounds like a tender hug of comfort and consolation.
He might not have James' range, but he's not out of tune, (unless maybe a very tiny wee bit in The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever, but that sounds deliberate and fitting) or bad singer, in my opinion (although, I admit, I'm no pro, and this is just from my own perspective as a fan).
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