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Old 03-05-2019, 11:24
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Tickets arrived, also 1st level balcony unreserved standing. Curious how this will turn out, as I'm a hardcore-standing-in-front-of-James-kinda-guy
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Old 18-05-2019, 14:03
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So, what time would I need to arrive to get a barrier spot? I got in last night just before Gwenno started and got a place about four rows back in front of Nicky. Not sure whether to try for barrier tonight, or hang back for a more complete view / more breathing space!
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Old 18-05-2019, 21:56
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Fcuk The Barrier lol

I'm in the middle about 12 people from the front and walked in at 8.20pm

Everyones a hundred yrs old lol, well a few.

They dropped People Give In for that crap It's Not War, Fcukin Hell.
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Old 18-05-2019, 22:14
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No Umbrella?

Gwenno.... I get it, all the songs have a bit of Brythonic language in them. Spirited performance, the last song sounded a bit like PiL

Enjoyed hearing the TIMT songs finally, the second half was decent too

Spotted Dave Eringa and Catherine Anchoress up on the side seats

My first seater gig as well, the knees appreciated it
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Old 18-05-2019, 23:07
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Well my first Manics gig in yonks! When did Manics fans all get so old?!?!?

My main highlights were at the end of Everlasting Jimbo saying to himself "this is going to be a good night" (it got me in the feels and not sure why!), the pure 80s vibe to I'm Not Working (maybe my unexpected fav), Jimbo's solo sound at the end of SYMM (great to hear him finally playing the white LP after all the other assortment of guitars), the double kick drum beat in Be Natural (we are getting really muso now!), and the first note to the last note of Sleepflower.

One thing I did notice was my sense of disconnect with the whole experience (it's very likely I am overthinking all of this!). We are all just getting older, aren't we?
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Old 19-05-2019, 11:06
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Really shocked to hear a young girl was assaulted at this gig. Takes a special kind of dickhead to do that.

I really enjoyed both SBE gigs. James was in top form and Nicky seemed more up for these than he did for the Dublin gig.
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Old 20-05-2019, 08:27
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Back now home from the gig and London trip. Wanted to offer some further (random) thoughts post-gig.

1. I got standing tickets (thank you Andrew here on FD! Really appreciate it! And great to meet you!) but I wonder if seated tickets would be a more appropriate experience for this type of gig? As we all know, TIMT is a very introspective album, and I found myself getting lost in the melodies and melancholy in the middle parts of the album. It felt very weird standing in the middle of a crowd kind of there but not there not really moving but just lost in my memories of 1998/99 and hearing a lot of those songs for the first time in a long time...
2. ...but saying that it was wonderful to be in the crowd for the second half. Sleepflower was incredible.
3. Moving Tolerate to the end of the TIMT set was a great idea. Despite the importance of DFL for the band's history, I genuinely think Tolerate is their "best" song (whatever "best" means). The album section needs to end on that high.
4. I got really emotional during The Everlasting. Very weird. It's not even one of my favourites. Had to have a word with myself! Ha!
5. I'm Not Working was my 2nd unexpected fav from the TIMT set. Real 80s vibe. Fantastic.
6. My 1st unexpected fav was SYMM. I really noticed the change in sound when Jimbo got the white Les Paul out for SYMM. It really cut through. The solo was wonderful and loved Nicky on his knees (who wouldn't? Ha!) really digging the song.
7. Was great to see Jimbo get lost in it all and play Motorcycle when he should have played International Blue. He was really into it all night. His performance was AMAZING.
8. Was great to see Wire do a lot more backing vocals.

So, all in all, it was a great gig. Digging the TIMT t-shirt I got too.

But please. No more anniversary gigs now. Looking forward to hearing new music.
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Old 20-05-2019, 16:24
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Somewhat random request: does anyone have/ know where I would be able to get a JPG of the backdrop that's being used on this tour? (Think it's the cover for the Remixed promo released in ’99?)

It's not included in the vinyl anniversary reissue, but may be in the CD rerelease? No idea what I did with that, but would be good to know whether it's in there before committing to an excavation!


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