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Old 24-09-2021, 23:30
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I get it, he's talking about defending the middle ground which risks one being labelled a fence sitter i suppose but if he's not necessarily picking a side he's sure as hell rejecting what the tories and whatever the shoggoth form ukip is these days is offering (and for good reason). I get that but the major problem i have with orwellian is that the lyric is using daily heil headlines like non-existent book burnings and saying "it feels impossible to pick a side" when it clearly isn't. But sure, james makes a more succinct point than what that clumsy lyric manages to do in my opinion.

Actually you made a great point in other music:

I'm tired of Brexiteers' totalitarian nature trying to define Britishness as monolithic. and static. Not merely content to change how we interact with our close neighbours, they want redefine who we look at ourselves in the mirror.
To me there is no middle ground with brexshitters who do this, it's their attempt at revisionist history and the "war on wokeness" as the tories have called it is a further attempt to peddle outright lies about our imperial past.
Please, he prayed, now -
A gray disk, the colour of Chiba sky.
Now -
Disk beginning to rotate, faster, becoming a sphere of paler gray. Expanding -
And flowed, flowered for him, fluid neon origami trick, the unfolding of his distanceless home, his country, transparent 3D chessboard extending to infinity.
Inner eye opening to the stepped scarlet pyramid of the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority burning beyond the green cubes of Mitsubishi Bank of America,
and high and very far away he saw the spiral arms of military systems, forever beyond his reach.
And somewhere he was laughing, in a white-painted loft, distant fingers caressing the deck, tears of release streaking his face.

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